Sunrise Community Historical Ash List

The History of the Ashes: Sunrise Community of Girls Scouts

This collection of ashes is a historical list from Sunrise Community of Girl Scouts, Daytona/Ormond Beach, FL.                                         
These ashes date back to the year 1910 when the first recorded campfire ashes were saved and passed from one campfire to the next. Please help us preserve this list and add to its dynamic history by taking these ashes to your next Girl Scout  campfire that you attend.  At the end of your campfire sprinkle the ashes into that fire and say a little something to all those Girl Scout who have gone before you.  The next day when the ashes are cooled, collect some of the ashes ad add that campfire event date to your list so that you can carry on the tradition!  If you have ashes to spare please bring them to the next leader’s meeting and we will add your troop’s event to this history.

Tips for ash collection:  Tend the fire until it is burned down and is safe to leave.  Let the campfire cool on it’s own, if you add water the ashes will become gooey and are hard to collect. Collect ashes in the morning before the dew sets in if you let the fire cool overnight.

Updated 08-10-2022

1910 England, Lord Baden-Powell (founder of Boy Scouts & Juliette Low’s good friend) lights fire at Brownsea Island.
1920 USA         Camp Bonnie Brae, Springfield, Massachusetts                                  
Attended by Juliette Low and Eleanor Roosevelt 
1925 USA        National Get Together, VA
1926 USA        International Conference, Edith Macy, Briarcliff Manor, NY       Lit by Juliette Low from Her candle
1945 USA        Baden-Powell Western Hemisphere meeting
1948 USA        World Conference, Edith Macy Training Center, Briarcliff Manor, New York
1949 Sweden    European Encampment
1949 USA        World Encampment, Edith Macy, NY
1950 USA       At 2 Regional and 1 National Roundup
1950 USA        World Conference, Edith Macy Training Center, Briarcliff, NY
1952 Australia, British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver, BC, Germany, Sweden, Our Chalet-Switzerland, 7 Regional Roundups, 15 National Roundups, 20 All State Encampments
1957 Reno, Nevada, National Round- up (started by Wendy Broadhead, Senior Troop #169)
1958 National Round- up, Colorado
1961 USA Round- up
1962 USA Round- up
1962 Vermont Round- up
1962 Switzerland, Our Chalet
1963 USA, All States Campout
1964 Arizona, All State Campout
1965 Shadow Ridge Campout, Arkansas, Quchitee Renkle, Wyoming, National Center West
1965 Wyoming,  All State Campout
1965 Canada, Senior and Cadette Camp                                                    Lady Baden-Powell lit the fire.
1965 Arizona, All States Project
1965 New Mexico, Mayhill, Camp Mary White, 41h Session
1965 Canada     Girl Guide Jamboree, Lit by Lady Baden-Powell
1966 New Mexico, Mayhill, Camp Mary White, Final Campfire
1966 Cadette Troop #70 Campout
1966 New Mexico, Rosewell, Rosewell Girl Scout Camp
1966 Holland Girl Guides Encampment
1966 1966-1975         Afghanistan, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, 46 states of the USA, 2 World Centers, and 3 National Centers
1967 Germany, Girl Scout Troops on Foreign Soils and Girl Guides
1967 Taiwan, Taiwan Jungle Survival Training, Camp McCauley
1967 Taiwan, Established Camp, Camp McCauley
1968 1968       Arkansas, Quchitce Renkle, Wyoming, National Center West; Taiwan Jungle Survival Training, Camp McCauley, Taiwan; Taiwan Established Camp, Camp McCauley, Taiwan
1969 Wyoming, National Center West, Rendezvous
1970 Virginia, Williamsburg, Senior Troop Camping, Peace Gardens, Candles to Capsules
1970 Germany Training Camp, Schwetzingen Forest
1970 German, German Guide Camp, Petersof Odenwald 
1970 Diamond Jubilee Camp Hulton Park, Bolton, England PSG Promise Ceremony, Petershof, Enback, Deutschland
1971 Illinois, Public Relations PDQ
1971 Virginia, International Whitsun Camp, Dwingleep, the Netherlands Shenandoh District, Winter Conference
1971 Wyoming, Dig Mankind, National Center West
1971 New York, Vernon, Senior/ Cadette Troop camping, 8th Lake Public Campsite
1971 Belgium, Training Camp, Fresnaye
1971 Belgium, Junior Campout, Fresnaye
1971 Belguim, Junior Campout, Domain de Mozet, Namur
1971 Netherlands, Whitsum Camp, Dwingeloo
1971 Belguum,LaPmshaye,  Leader’s Training Overnight, 
1971 Virginia, Senior Troop #90, 50 mile Appalachian Trail
1971 California, Santa Clara City Council, Neighborhood Chairman Retreat
1971 Doe Lake, Ocala National Forest, USA National Camping Day
1971 Oregon, Lake O’ the Woods, Opportunity Tryouts, Low Echo
1972 Mission MI of Magic, Santa Barbara, California
1972 North Atlantic Olympiad, Woltetsreid, Germany
1972 North Atlantic Girl Scout Training Conference, Camping Workshop, Germany 
1972 Camp Timberlake CIT Graduation, Fort Worth, Texas 
1972 Cadette Troop #226, Campout, Camp Scout, Oklahoma 
1972 Tote `n Trek, National Center West, Ten Sleep, Wyoming, 2nd Session
1972 Belgium, Training Camp, Chievres
1972 Belgium, Junior Campout, Domain de Mozet, Namur 
1972 Teque, Trailblazer Competition, Santa Clara, California 
1972 New Mexico Mystigue, Fort Worth, Texas
1973 Traces Through Time, High Unitah Primitive Area, Utah
1973 Our Cabana, Cuernavaca, Mexico
1973 Good Turn Weekend, Lake Shawnee, Topeka, Kansas
1973 “Our Daisy World” Senior Weekend, Central New York, Girl Scout Council 
1973 A Working Conference of Services to Troops, Edith Macy National Center 
1973 Iowa, Sacajawea Pow Wow ’73, Moingona Girl Scout Council
1973 England, Neighborhood Campout, Phasels Wood
1973 Tote and Trek, National Center West
1973 Aide Training, Camp Henry F. Koch, Cannelton, Indiana
1974 Trinidad and Tobago, Trinity Diamond Jubilee Camp, Edith Macy National Center
1974 Canadian Senior/Cadette Troop Outing, Lake Selmac, Oregon
1974 Aides to Handicapped Girls, Kansas City, Missouri
1974 Redlands Reflections, Binger, Oklahoma, Redlands Girl Scout Council 
1974 Sporting Camp Archibald, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania
1974 “No Man Is an Island”, Senior Weekend, Central New York Girl Scout Council 
1974 Senior Troop #232, 60mile Sierra Backpack (Matterhorn Peak 12, 164ft) 
1974 Yosemite National Forest, California
1974 Long Tales, Lost Trails, Sunlight Basin, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming 
1974 Hi-A-Wak-A II, Meadow Mount Ranch, Allenspark, Mountain Prairie Girl Scout Council
1974 Hooray, Ouray, Uncampangne, Colorado
1974 Ohio Valley Camping Festival
1974 Western, W.V., Cere-D Lingo Speakout National Event, Rockwood, Maryland, Folkarts Flan, 
1974 Rockwood Girl Scout Council
1975 Sebring, Florida, Camp Winding Creek, Cadette Roundup
1975 Davie, Florida, Camp Clements, Greynolds Neighborhood Camporee
1975 USA, Cadette Camporee, Rock Springs, Florida
1975 Homestead, Florida, Owassia Baure
1975 England, Canoeing Camping, Longridge on the Thames
1975 Becky Thatcher Beckons, Hannibal, Missouri
1975 Hi-A-WA-A Hl, Colorado
1975 Cadette Roundup Goshen Scout Camp, Lexington, Viriginia
1975 Cadette/Senior Jamboree, Opryland, Nashville, Tennessee
1976 USA, Cadette Camporee, Camp Mak-Kah-Wee, Florida
1976 Campus Scout Conference #2, Camp Whispering Pines, Wacogdoches, Texas 
1976 Rendezvous at South Pass, Wyoming, Wyoming Girl Scout Council 
1976 Moccasins To Megalopolis, Fox Valley Girl Scout Council, Surora, Illinois 
1976 Out Chalet, Hiking Session, Switzerland
1976 Cadette Campout, Maripai, Arizona
1976 West Virginia, Wilderness ’76, Your Responsibility, Monogahela, National Forest, GAM, GSCOG, 
1976 International Camp, Nordtangen, Norway
1976 1976-1987     Australia, Colombia, Falklands, Finland, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, New Zealand, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden,  4 USA states, and Sangam World Center
1977 Mexico, Cuernavaca, Our Cabana, June 25,                                          Fire Lit in memorium the night Lady Baden-Powell died
1977 Campus Scout Conference #3, Camp Sacajawea, Boone, Iowa 
1977 Our Cabana, Mexico
1977 Sierra Stomping ’77, Sierra Nevada Girl Scout Council, Reno, Nevada 
1977 Prosses Posse Girl Scout Camp, Truckee, California
1977 Miami, Florida, Highland Oaks, Girl Scout Encampment
1978 Homestead, Florida, Owassia Baum, Girl Scout Encampment
1978 West Symmerland Kay, Camp Wesumkee, Girl Scouts of Holy Cross
1978 Miami, Florida, Camp Waltz, Brownie Troop #699
1979 Miami, Florida, Lakota Neighborhood Encampment, Highland Oaks 
1979 Key Biscayne, Florida, Cape Florida, Junior Troop #744
1980 USA, Cadette / Senior Camporee, Citrus Council, Mak-Kah-Wee, Florida 
1980 Miami, Florida, Lakota Neighborhood Encampment, Robert King High
1981 Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Walt Disney World, Lakota Neighborhood 
1981 USA, Cadette / Senior Camporee, Citrus Council, Mak-Kah-Wee, Florida 
1981 Miami, Florida, Enchanted Forest, Lakota Neighborhood
1982 West Miami, Florida, Lincoln-Marti Camporee
1982 Miami, Florida, Lakota Neighborhood Encampment, Robert King High 
1982 Miami, Florida, A Day in the Woods, Camp Greynolds
1982 High Falls, Florida, O’Leno State Park
1982 Ocala, Florida, Ocala’s National Park
1983 Javanica Neighborhood Encampment, Camp Wesumkee, West Summerland, Florida 
1983 Camp Tanah Keeta, Troop #28 and #507, Campout, Jupiter, Florida-(Shared campfire with Boy Scout Troop #3I2 of Miami, Florida)
1983 West Miami, Florida, Lincoln — Marti Camporee, Peace River Canoe Trip
1983 Nashville, Tennessee, Opryland Jamboree, Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council. (these ashes started at the World Conference held at Camp Edith Macy, New York. They also include pages of history of the campfire ashes from around the world.)
1983 Ponce Inlet, Florida — May, Troop 534, Court of Awards and Family      Bar-b-que
1984 Ocala, Florida, Cadette/Senior Backpack Trip, Tropical Girl Scout Council 
1984 West Summerland Key, Florida, Summer Camp
1984 Franklin, North Carolina. Appalachian ‘Frail Backpack Trip
1984 Standing Indian, North Carolina, Standing Indian Natural Area, A.C.A. Training 
1984 Cadette Encampment, Tropical Girl Scout Council, Miami, Florida
1985Peace River Canoe Trip, Tropical Florida Girl Scout Council 
1985 Standing Indian shelter, Appalachian Trail, North Carolina 
1985 Springer Mountain, Appalachian Trail, Georgia
1985 Basic Troop Camp Training, Mak-Kah-Wee, Citrus Council, Florida
1985 Salt Springs Campground, Ocala National Forest, Florida
1986 Salt Springs Campground, Ocala National Forest, Florida Junior Troop #545
1986 USA, Jr. Bridge to Cadettes, Anastasia St. Park, St. Augustine, Florida
1986 Basic Troop Camp Training, Mah-Kah-Wee, Chuluota, Florida
1986 I owe it to Myself Weekend, Mah-Kah-Wee, Chuluota, Florida
1986 Camp Deerheaven, Deland, Florida Brownie Troop #825
1986 West Point Scoutmaster’s Camporee W. O.W., New York;
1986 Florida Junior Troop #545
1987 Camp Deerheaven, Deland, Florida Brownie Troop 4825, #926, #619 & #832 
1987 West Point Scoutmaster’s Camporee W.O.W., NY;
1987 WOW GS/BS Campout, Worthington State Park, New Jersey
1988 Camp Mah-Kah- Wee, Florida Brownie Troop #825, Chuluota, Florida 
1988 West Point Scoutmaster’s Camporee, W.O.W., NY
1988 Certification of Instructor of Trainers, Edith Macy, Briarcliff Manor, NY
1988 Basic Troop Camping (BTC)/Intermediate Troop Camping (ITC) Weekend, Camp Mah-Kah-Wee (MKW), Chuluota, Florida
1989 Camp Mak-Kah-Wee, Florida Brownie Troop #825, #926 & #832             Chuluota, Florida
1990 Camp Mak-Kah-Wee, Florida Brownie Troop #825, Chuluota, Florida 
1991 Camp Riverpoint, Merritt Island, Florida Brownie Troop #825 
1992 Campfire Roundup, Camp Bulow, Flagler Bch, Florida Brownie Troop #825 
1993 Songfest at Tomoka State Park, Flamingo Service Unit , Ormond Beach, Florida
1994 Camp Riverpoint, Merritt Island, Florida Brownie Troop #825
1994 Florida Brownie Troop #926, Camp MKW, Chuluota, Florida
1995 Songfest at Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach,  Florida, Flamingo Service Unit 
1995 Citrus Council BTC/ITC Weekend, Camp MKW, Chuluota, Florida 
1995 National Operational Volunteer Training, Edith Macy, Briarcliff, NYCamp MKW, Chuluota, Florida
1996 RSVP Weekend, Camp MKW BTC/ITC Weekend, Chuluota, Florida
1996 Camp Mah-Kah-Wee, Florida S.U. Camporee, Chuluota, Florida 
1996 Gateway Council- Junior Troop 193, Favor Dykes, St. Augustine, Florida
1997 April 23-24-25 Camp Mah-Kah-Wee, Florida S.U. Camporee, Chuluota, Florida
1997 GSUSA GirlSport Wider Op, Spartanburg, South Carolina;
1997 RSVP Weekend, Camp MKW, Florida, Chuluota, Florida
1997 Flamingo Service Unit Camporee, Camp MKW, Chuluota, Florida
1998 January Camp Riverpoint, Brownie Troop #825, Merritt Island, Florida 
1998 Camp Mah-Kah-Wee, Florida S.U. Camporee
1998 GSUSA GirlSport Wider Op, Spartanburg, South Carolina 
1998 RSVP Weekend, Camp MKW, Florida
1998 Flamingo Service Unit Camporee, Camp MKW, Florida
1999 Bulow Camporee, Flamingo S.U., FL
1999 RSVP Weekend, Camp MKW, Florida; 
1999 WAGGS-List Campfire, National Convention, Kansas City, Missouri
1999 BTC/ITC Weekend, Camp MKW, Florida
2000 Bulow Campground, Brownie Troop #825 & Senior Troop #1020 Fl. Flamingo S.U. 
2001 Melbourne Scout House, Brownie Troop # 825 Flamingo Service Unit Florida 
2001 RSVP Weekend, Camp MKW, Florida; 
2001 BTC/ITC Weekend, Camp MKW, Florida
2002 Bulow Cabin Camporee, Br #825, Jr #517, Sr #1020 Flamingo Service Unit, Fl.
2002 Star NW, GS Jamboree, Farragut State Park, Idaho
2003 Camp Riverpoint – Merritt Island Florida Br 825, Jr 517, Sr 618 Flamingo Service Unit
2003 Anastasia State Park Br Trp 825, Sr’Frp6l8 May 16-17-18
2003 BTC Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2004 March Troop #375, Troop Camping, MKW, Florida
2004 Apr 23-25 Bulow Campground, Brownie Troop #825 Flamingo Service Unit Florida, 
2004 Nov 13 Flamingo Service Unit “Song Swap” Tomoka State Park
2004 ITC Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida, March
2005 March – Troop #375, Troop Camping, Moss Park, Florida
2005 April – Troop #375, Troop Camping, Riverpoint, Florida
2005 Flamingo Service Unit Camporee 11 – Deleon Springs, Fl. Daisy Troop 343,
2005 Brownie Troop 825, Junior Troop 926, Cadette Troop 517 and Senior Troop 618
2006 March 10-12 Flamingo Service Unit ‘Camporee’ Ms. Lora’s farm, DeLeon Springs, FL, Troops 343-825-832-926-51-122-733-309-1540
2006 October – Troop #375, Troop Camping, Riverpoint, Florida
2006 October – Troop #375, Troop Camping, Moss Park, Florida
2006 Nov 19th – Flamingo Service Unit “Song Swap‘International Food & Song Swap’ Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach, FL, all troops 
2006 November – BTC Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2007 January 13th – Flamingo Service Unit ‘International Food & Song Swap’ Tomoka State Park, Ormond Bch, FL
2007 February – BTC Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2007 March – Troop #375, Troop Camping, Wickham Park, Florida 
2007 March – Troop #375, Troop Camping, MKW, Florida, Mar
2007 April – Troop #375, Troop Camping, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge
2007 September – Troop #375, Troop Camping, MKW, Florida
2007 November – Troop #375, Florida Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2007 December — Troop #375, Troop Camping, MKW, Florida
2007 December 17- Flamingo Service Unit, Brownie Troop 618, Investiture, Holly Hill, Florida
2008 January 12 – Flamingo Service Unit – 13 Troops, International Song/Swap Tomoka State, Park, Ormond Beach, FL
2008 March 3-5 — Flamingo Service Unit – 10 Troops, Spring Camporee at Camp Mah-Ka-Wee
2008 October —  Flamingo Service Unit – All Troops, Fall Camporee at Camp Mah-Ka-Wee
2008 December Troop #375, Troop Camping, MKW,
2009 January 17 — OS I & II, Mah-Kah-Wee, Florida
2009 February 9 — Flamingo Service Unit, Brownie Troop 618, Investiture, Holly Hill, FL
2009 February – Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida, 
2009 March – Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2009 March – Troop #375, Troop Camping, MKW, Florida
2009 May – Troop #375, Troop Camping, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge,  Florida 
2009 May Troop #375, Troop Camping, Alexander Springs, Ocala National Forest, Florida
2009 September – Troop #375, Troop Camping, MKW, Florida
2009 November – Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2009 Flamingo Service Unit-all troops, International Song Swap, Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach, Florida
2010 January – Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2010 Mar 12-14 – Daisy Troop #1886, Brownie Troop #825, Junior Troop #322, Cadette Troop #631, Ambassador Troop #517, Girl Scout 98th Birthday Bash, Ms. Lora’s Farm/Camp 11, DeLeon Springs, Florida,  (Welcome home Cpl. Sam Stephanz, USMC)
2010 May – Troop #375, Troop Camping, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, Florida
2010 August – Troop 618 – Investiture – Holly Hill, FL  32117
2010 November – Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2011 January – Outdoor Training, MKW, Florida
2011 March – Daisy Troop #1886, Brownie Troop #825, Troop Camping, Camp Chowenwaw, Green Cove Springs, Florida
2011 March — Road Tunner Older Girls, Down & Dirty
2011 April — BR Troop #475, S’Mores at Leaders home
2011 April 16 – BR Troop #82, Little Girl Camporee, Central Florida Bible Camp, Eustis, Florida
2011 June – Troop 618 – Camp Chowenwah, Clay County Florida.  Old Girl Scout Camp turned  State Park, end of the year camping.
2011 Sept — Troop #698, Troop Camping, Hontoon Island
2011 Oct 22 – Brownie Troop #825, Mix Troop#618, Fall Fun and Smore, Ms. Lora’s Farm/Camp 11, DeLeon Springs, Florida
2011 Nov 18 – Sunrise Service Unit Bonfire, Cracker Creek, Port Orange, FL
2011 Nov 21 — Mix Troop #618, Investiture, HH, FL
2011 Dec 10 — Brownie Troop #825, Holiday BJ Party at the Barn, Camp 11, DeLeon Springs, Florida
2012 January 14 – Troop #449, Troop Campout, Riverpoint, Florida
2012 Nov 12 – Flag Retirement Ceremony, Troop 825, Presented to the residents at Sandalwood Nursing Center, Daytona Beach.
2013 May 14 – Camp ’11’, Overnighter, Building Fires/Making Friends, Deleon Springs, FL
2013 Nov 11 – Flag Retirement Ceremony to honor all Veterans/residents at Sandalwood Nursing Center, Daytona Beach, FL
2013 June 17 – Troop #618 Camping at Pride Rock, Daytona Beach, Florida, “Weekend of Water & Wonder”
2014 Mar 14-16, Sunrise Service Unit Camporee at Florida Elks Youth Camp, Umatilla, Florida
2014 Jul 28 -Troop #618,  End of Year Party at Pride Rock, Daytona Bch, FL
2014 Nov 4, Troop #618 Investitute Ceremony, Holly Hill, Florida
2015 April 14-16 – Troop #825 Troop Camping, Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine, Florida, “Year of the Racoons!”
2015 June – Troop 618 “Bug Out” Camping at Pride Rock, Daytona Beach, FL
2016 April 22-24 – Older Girl Camporee 2016, Sunrise Community, Camp Mah-Kah-Wee, Chuluota, Florida
2016 May 10- Troop 618 Bridging Event, Sunrise Community, Holly Hill, Florida
2016 Oct 29, Juliette Camping (Troop #618) with Boy Scout Pack 54, The Sovereign Nation of the Okleuueha Band of Yamassee Seminole, Ft. McCoy, Florida
2016 Nov 1 – Songs and S’mores, Troop #618 & 825, Ormond Beach, Florida
2016 Nov 3 – Sunrise Community Leaders, Investiture and Flag Retirement Ceremony, Ormond Beach, FL 
2016 Nov 11-13, Rainbow Lakes Service Unit and Troop #825, Camp Winona, DeLeon Springs, Florida
2016Dec 9, Celia Lane, Sleepover, Troop 1958 Orlando, FL
2017 Nov 3-5, Zombie Apocalypse Campout, Rainbow Lakes Community & Troop #618, Sherriff’s Youth Ranch, Pierson, Florida
2017May 12, Brownie Bump in the Night Overnight with Troop 77280, Ligon Outdoor Center, Clio Michigan
2018 Mar 3, Song & S’mores, Sunrise Community Song Swap, Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach, Florida
2018 April 20-22, Candyland Camporee @ Elks Camp, Rainbow Lakes Community and Troop 825
2018 Oct 20, Songs & S’mores, Sunrise Community Song Swap, Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach, Florida
2018 Nov 30 – December 2, Ninja Warrior Camp, Rainbow Lakes Community, Camp Wewa, Apopka, Florida
2019March 22-24, Girl Scout Camping for “Homecoming Day” at Camp Chowenwaw Park, Green Cove Spgs, FL Troops 975, 825, 1006, and 618
2019April 7, Older Girl Beach Bash, Sunrise Community, Tom Rennick Park, Ormond Beach, FL
2019Nov 10, Songs and S’mores, Sunrise Community Song Swap, Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach, Florida
2020Jan 3-5, Hunger Games Camporee, Rainbow Lakes Community, Camp Wewa, Apopka, Florida, with Troop 618
2020Jan 25, Camp One Training, Camp Mah-kah-wee, Chulota, Florida
2020March 6-8, Secret Agent Camporee for J, C, S, & A, Sunrise Community, Camp Wewa, Apopka, Florida.
2021Jan 22, Troop 75949 Holiday Bonfire, Clarkston, Michigan
2021May 15-16, Troop 77500 Trailblazer Training Weekend, Camp Playfair, Lexington, Michigan
2021July 17-18, Troop 77500 Trailblazer Kayaking Trip to Turnip Rock, Lighthouse County Park, Port Hope, Michigan
2021August 13-15, Troop 75949 Troop Camping and Bridging, Camp Agawam, Lake Orion, Michigan
2021Dec 9, Troop 75949 Christmas Lights Parade Float Decorating, Clarkston, Michigan

March 5, Out of This World GSC 2022, “Girl Scout Moon Dust”, Girl Scouts of Citrus 66th Annual Meeting, Citrus Council, Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, Cocoa Beach, FL
2022April 1-3, Wild About Camp Camporee for All Ages, Sunrise Community, YMCA Camp Winona, DeLeon Spring, Florida
2022April 24, Older Girl Beach Bash, Sunrise Community, Cardinal Approach, Ormond Beach, FL
2022May 20-22, Troop Camping at Camp Playfair, Lexington, Michigan
2022June 3-5, Camp Ahoy!, Troops 825 and 502, Camp Chowenwaw, Green Cove Springs, FL
2022September 24-25, Troop Camper Level 2, Citrus Council Volunteers, Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center, Chuluota, FL
2023January 6-8, Marvel vs. DC Sr. Camporee, Monarch Community, FL Elks Youth Camp, Umatilla, FL
2023April 21-23, Pow Wow at Camp Mah-Kah-Wee, Troop 825, Camp Mah-Kah-Wee, Chuluota, FL
2024January 5-7, Camp Sunrise Fjords Camporee, Sunrise Community, YMCA Camp Wynona, DeLeon Springs, FL
2024January 13-14, Citrus Council Camp 3 Adult Training, Little Big Econ State Forest, Oviedo, FL

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