It’s time for some SUMMER FUN! Girl Scout Style!

It’s time for some SUMMER FUN! Girl Scout Style!

There are lots of ideas and options for individual Girl Scouts to earn badges during the summer, EVEN if your troop is not meeting!  Nothing says you can’t work on badges with your family, finish up those that you may have missed sections of during the year, or check out some of the other patch options that GS USA offers for all age levels. Girl Scout Activity Zone

Sometimes, summer is the best option for outdoor adventures that couldn’t fit into a busy troop season.  Every level in scouting has outdoor options to choose from.  My Girl Scouts put together three Daisy “badge in a bag” kits to take to camps and parks for any younger kids who might be tag-alongs with their older siblings.  Each of these are simple with about three steps a piece and only need basic supplies; a ruler, crayons, and paper.  These are a great way to recycle school supplies from the school year!  You can look up badges on the GS USA Daisy Activity Page to see the basic steps, or, for more in-depth steps, search Pinterest or Google for the Badge name. There are resources all over for those who don’t have a Daisy Badgebook!

If you happen to live in an area that is hot, hot, hot, like me, indoor options may be best.  Brownies have many badges to choose from for in-home exploration.  Want to learn how to prepare your own healthy snacks? Check out badges that are geared toward safe kitchen fun. Do you have pets?  There is a pet badge that might help your little ones learn more about pet responsibility. None of the badges require classes or prior experience being a leader, just make sure the girls are enjoying what they are doing and gain some knowledge along the way. Check out the Brownie Activity Page!

Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors all have outdoor options and choices that will challenge them.  Speaking of challenges,  on you can download the free 2024 Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge that runs from June 1 until September 15th. There are FIFTY activities that are free or very obtainable for scouts. 

 Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge

Girls of all ages and levels have options open to them for learning in categories that they love: exploring outdoors, STEM, personal wellness, crafting, designing, drawing, or whatever sparks their interest.  Let’s tap into the 112 years of Girl Scout history that continues teaching girls to be exploratory and inquisitive, and let them have some extra summer fun.  So many possibilities await!

It’s time for some SUMMER FUN! Girl Scout Style!

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